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The successful candidate will lead on developing and improving effective Teaching and Learning practice across InterLearn. This is a head office/home based position with national travel required on occasions.

The role is:

  • To innovate and enhance work based and employer led design, development and delivery to inspire teams to provide excellent teaching and learning and an outstanding experience for apprentices and employers.
  • To develop and implement clear, focused plans that promote and deliver our mission of sustainable improvements and the drive for continual improvement will be a key driver.
  • To take leadership for strategic overview and implementation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment across InterLearn.
  • To take strategic leadership of learning systems and processes for Teaching and Learning.
  • To support the embedding of the wider learning agenda for all staff across the business, including the embedding of the business approach for Maths and English.

This role requires someone with energy, passion and ambition to drive this aspect of our business to the next level including working with delivery staff to continuously improve the apprentice experience. There will also be a lead role on driving CPD for all trainers and assessors across the business.

The post will be accountable for the success of Teaching, Learning and assessment, this role will make a key contributions towards the overall strategic leadership of the company’s drive for outstanding provision.

This success will be measured through success rates, high quality teaching and learning, high levels of positive progression and destination outcomes. The post holder will work actively with the Head of Quality & Head of Teaching & Learning to create, develop and implement an innovative and exciting Learning strategy for all apprentices and delivery front line staff.


    • Level 3 Education & Training, PTLLS or equivalent
    • Level 2 Mathematics and English qualifications
  • To fully support, and understand, the wider business self-assessment process and produce elements of the SAR and QIP in conjunction with business expectations
  • To strategically lead the company wide learning strategy with the members of the Sub Group for Quality and Standards of the Board.
  • To work with the quality team on an annual programme of quality audits and spot checks with particular focus on observations of teaching, learning and assessment
  • To implement the teaching, learning and assessment observation policy and produce smart action plans to support improvements.
  • To conduct observations of  Teaching, Learning and assessment including implementation of support to drive outstanding practices
  • To support all Trainers, Asessors & Mentors to improve performance on observation grades awarded
  • To seek relevant external badges to support the growth and professionalism of the wider business
  • To strategically lead the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of all delivery staff aligned to the business to reach outstanding grades on Observations and keep up to date with their subject specific professions.
  • To work collaboratively to develop the quality of provision to the highest standard. To ensure areas of weaknesses and or inadequacy, as well as quality improvements, are addressed and meet the requirements to be judged ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted at a full inspection.
  • To work with the quality team to monitor the changing landscape of the funding, standards and quality assurance requirements, identifying development areas that the business should act upon.
  • Drive the review and redesign of curriculum delivery models to ensure we are able to deliver on its promise of excellence, this includes the full exploitation of technology and blended learning delivery.
  • To lead teams towards outstanding teaching, learning, training and assessment, ensuring every step of the learner’s journey is good or outstanding.
  • To ensure the whole learner experience is varied, has breadth and enables all to reach their full potential in line with their specific learning plan.
  • To ensure that equality and diversity is promoted and embedded within the curriculum and that staff feel confident to challenge and develop learners’ tolerance to difference.
  • To implement the learning framework across all aspects of provision. Lead, develop and support provision that is responsive and innovative in meeting all customer expectations, ensuring that our offer is mapped to local, regional and national priorities, it is current, credible and flexible, and it provides clear progression opportunities to employment or further study.
  • To develop constructive staff development plans and propose appropriate CPD for teams, including occupational competence utilising information from lesson observations, learner and client feedback, awarding organisations and other relevant stakeholders.
  • To ensure fundamental skills are embedded into curriculum delivery and are supported through full framework requirements
  • To support all Managers in identifying and implementing strategies for raising standards and narrowing the gap in achievement and attainment rates for all learners and groups of learners
  • To support in the Implementation of an effective process and data capture to strengthen customer feedback
  • Strong partnership working to drive our success
  • Good understanding and application of team work
  • Hardworking – over and above
  • Willing to take responsibility and accountability
  • Excellent judgement and the ability to problem solve quickly and effectively
  • Ability to effectively use IT to produce accurate reports, analyse data and appraise performance and drive forward improvements
  • Effective decision-making skills, particularly to support the outcomes that can affect performance
  • Effective leadership skills with the ability to motivate and inspire staff teams and apprentices
  • Ability to work under pressure, to deadlines whilst under the scrutiny of internal and external stakeholders
  • To lead, inspire and support individuals and teams, encouraging creativity in order to embed excellence in teaching, learning and assessment
  • Develop a positive and supportive culture, working towards the highest standards, driving aspirations for all staff and apprentices to reach for excellence
Other Responsibilities
  • Highlight identified key business risks to your manager in all circumstances
  • Ensure all deadlines for reports or information (scheduled or ad hoc) are met at all times
  • To perform any Ad-hoc duties that the Company considers to be reasonable
  • To be mindful of your personal safety and the safety of apprentices and colleagues
  • Attend training courses to further your personal development and knowledge
Core Knowledge

Have knowledge and understanding of:

  • a range of teaching, assessment and feedback methods used in higher education to support learning and achievement
  • how students learn and how to adapt delivery methods to support a range of students’ needs
  • how research is conducted, within their own and related disciplines and in inter-disciplinary or trans-disciplinary contexts
  • regulatory, administrative, financial, planning procedures, risk management, quality assurance and quality enhancement, and how they are related to their role in higher education
  • technological processes associated with effectiveness in their role within the HE sector
  • methods for evaluating the effectiveness of academic activities, such as teaching and the quality and impact of research
  • how to engage with relevant professional bodies and other external organisations to support their work
  • the principles of reflective practice and the methods for applying reflective practice to their own professional development
  • innovative approaches to undertaking their work to create interest, understanding and enthusiasm among their students, funders or stakeholders
Core Skills

To be able to:

  • deliver higher education teaching of high quality through lectures, tutorials, practicals or seminars
  • use varying teaching styles depending on the learning environment and students’ needs
  • develop research questions and hypotheses prior to undertaking research in their subject discipline
  • analyse, synthesise and use critical thinking in the conduct of research
  • supervise and mentor students and peers to develop knowledge in their subject discipline
  • implement approaches to academic practice that are informed by equality and diversity
  • communicate orally and in writing and collaborate effectively, to manage people, processes or teams
  • use digital technologies effectively to develop and disseminate knowledge and understanding of subject disciplines
  • share ideas and evidence with students, peers, policy makers and private and public organisations through a variety of channels including publication and teaching
  • collect evidence of the impact of their work, including through student surveys or citations
  • manage their own continuing professional development (CPD) in subject disciplines and pedagogy, incorporating research, scholarship and professional practices
  • manage their own time through preparation and prioritisation, time management, responsiveness to change, and achieving a work-life balance.
Core Values and Behaviours

To understand the importance of:

  • ethical, sustainable and inclusive practices and equality of opportunity to a professional standard
  • the need to continuously develop their knowledge and insight in relation to career management, responsiveness to opportunities, networking, reputation and esteem
  • the need to commit to CPD in relation to relevant contemporary issues such as: student employability and graduate employment destinations, ethics and sustainability, academic integrity, legal compliance and intellectual property, respect and confidentiality, and health and safety
  • the need to consider evidence-informed approaches and the outcomes from research, scholarship and CPD to inform their own professional practice
  • the wider context (policy, economic, societal, technological, legal, cultural and environmental) in which higher education operates, recognising the implications for professional practice
  • the need to seek opportunities to network, to practise public engagement and to communicate effectively
  • the need to be enthusiastic, self-confident, and self-reflective to operate effectively in the role
  • the requirement to persevere, have integrity, be prepared to take responsibility, to lead, mentor and supervise.

Claire Howard


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