We are proud to be working in partnership with Omar Sharif – winner of the Prince’s Trust Young Achiever of The Year Award with The Pride of Britain 2018!

31st January 2019

Omar’s Journey

Gang crime was once a way of life for Omar, who grew up in central London and attended a school where postcode wars were prevalent.  After becoming involved in the gang culture he lost three friends to knife crime and watched others be imprisoned and realised that he needed to change.



Starting afresh wasn’t easy. Omar felt isolated from his friends and family, and fulfilling work was hard to come by. He enrolled on The Team programme with the Princes Trust and which led to Omar developing strong leadership skills, landing sessional work as a motivational coach and discovering a love for fitness. As a result he qualified as a personal trainer and started his own fitness training business as well as becoming an interpersonal skills coach.

“The Pride of Britain Awards is huge! Through peer pressure I became involved in dangerous situations, friends have died. It’s at that point I knew I had to make a change – one that would ultimately save my life. It was hard at first but with support from The Prince’s Trust I found inner strength and the ability to help and inspire others in the same situation. It really is possible to change your life if you have the support of  others and the determination to succeed. I think I’m proof of that.”

Omar Sharif

Omar was presented his Pride of Britain Award by world heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua. View here

Together We Empower People for Progress

Omar is a shining example of how, if given the right opportunity and support, no matter how adverse your past or present situation is, you can change your life for the better. InterLearn believe knowledge is power and the more routes to self-improvement through education people are aware of, the better the choices made.

 “We are extremely proud to be working in partnership with Omar. He is an inspiration to all ages and a great addition to our team. Omar’s enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirt, resilience and determination to turn is life around and achieve success creates a natural partnership in  line with InterLearn’s vision. Omar’s own brand ‘Omar Inspires’ runs perfectly alongside the advice and guidance he offers our learners and  clients, opening doors for others and highlighting the training and employment opportunities available to them. We are delighted to have him as part of our team”

Craig Hughes – InterLearn Chief Operating Officer 

Omar will be supporting the link between our local authority’s highlighted requirements within schools and our clients and LEPs. We believe in order to make the greatest impact on social mobility these entities need to be co-operating in synergy with one another.

We, in partnership with Omar, will be attending schools requiring input to support careers IAG and Apprenticeship awareness and highlight all educational opportunities available to them. This, with the benefit of linking with employer’s current recruitment requirements, means tangible results can be achieved for the benefit of all.

 “Working with InterLearn gives me certainty that the lives of many people will be positively impacted this year and, in the years to come.  The owners of the company saw the passion and drive that I have for helping others and this is also evident in the culture within the organisation and the staff at InterLearn.

My role and services that I provide InterLearn is one that helps bridge the gap between employers and learners. In the work that I already do within educational/correctional institutes allows me to motivate, engage and sign post young people into further opportunities.  The plethora of contacts that InterLearn have and further education options for people from all walks of life that is available, is also what attracted me to working alongside them.

My personal story is one that a lot of people can relate to and promotes a powerful message that no matter what your background is, you can achieve the greatness you desire if you are willing to put in the effort required.
InterLearn has also given me a platform to which I can continue to share my story with others and help direct them into employment so that they can be a step closer to achieving their goals. Together we empower people for progress and together we will help improve the quality of life for others.”

Omar Sharif


InterLearn’s employment courses and apprenticeships unlock learner’s full potential, and we hope the mutual support this partnership brings will help those wanting to develop skills achieve what they may have previously thought impossible and have a real impact on social mobility.

 Omar’s Continued work with the Prince’s Trust

Omar also continues to give back to the Prince’s Trust, as he knows first-hand how the Team programme changes lives and is passionate about helping other young people.  He has been chosen to represent the Trust as an Ambassador and will very soon become the Public Speaking Coach for any new Young Ambassadors that the Trust recruit. Part of Omar’s ambassadorial role includes being invited onto panels/TV to discuss serious issues we are facing in our communities. He also gets invited to events to motivate others by sharing his inspirational story where members of The Royal Family are present as well as other high-profile celebrities.

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We are proud to be working in partnership with Omar Sharif – winner of the Prince’s Trust Young Achiever of The Year Award with The Pride of Britain 2018!

Omar’s Journey Gang crime was once a way of life for Omar, who grew up in central London and attended a school…

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